Weekly Check-In #9

Published: 08/02/2021

What did you do this week?

We solved the issue that came up last week with the numeration of the lectures. Even though we were using runestone’s last version, the books’ structure changed since 2015 that the book was created. This was making some styling conflicts and some other issues came up. One of my teammates took care of that and now the project is updated. We are still having some small issues, but we are managing it.

Apart from this, I made other advances:

  1. I had to make a style update to the Brython module. For the output to show on bottom and the content on top. Here is the PR
  2. I continued with the splitting of lectures with two of the advance ones. PR #154 and PR #156. I haven’t continued with these splits since my teammates have been editing them as well, so to avoid conflicts I’m waiting for them to finish it.
  3. Finally, I grouped the quizzes with the lectures, and I made a proposal to the PyZombis team to change the menu layout.

Here is how the menu is looking right now

And this is how I’m proposing to update it

I would be changing a menu with 41 options, to a menu with only 4 options. Inside these options are the 41 options that were before but splitted and styled in the same way.

What is coming up next?

While I wait for an approval or suggestion to my proposal, I will continue splitting the lectures as I can to not create conflicts with other changes.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

The styling of the Brython module took me a while. I had to add some CSS styles to make it work and I had to try different approaches, but I finally accomplished it.