Weekly Blog Post #3

Published: 07/18/2022

Figuring out GH006 (The Protected Branch Issue)

Hello everyone, third week with Google Summer of Code had come to an end with EOS Design Systems.

What did I do this week?

This week was focused on resolving the conflict which was not letting semantic release a version for the EOS Icons Adobe Xd Plugin Repository. Whenever I was trying to push a commit with a commit message that will let semantic trigger a release, it throws the error of remote: error: GH006: Protected branch update failed for refs/heads/main. I had to conduct a thorough internet search to find a solution and discovered that the branch protection rules were the cause of the problem. While both the Figma and Adobe Xd repositories follow the same branch protection rules, semantic released a version in the Figma repository without encountering any issues while throwing an exception in the Adobe Xd repository. I tried every online fix I could find, but it didn't work. I came up with the idea of deleting the branch protection rules and then setting them up once again so that they can operate. I tried it, and it worked; the failing semantic actions were now successful, and semantic prompted a release for the Adobe Xd repository. This marked the completion of adding Semantic Releases to both the Plugin repositories and we are now at Version 1.0.0 for both the plugin repositories. 

What is coming up next?

For the upcoming week, I will be updating the codebase for both the Plugin repositories, some minor UI fixes and automating the search panel in the Adobe Xd repository using separate debounce hook. After this, I can start with publishing of the plugins in the marketplace.

Did I get stuck anywhere? 

Yes, I was stuck with the GH006 error, but my mentor Kartikay sir was always in touch with me and helped me gain access to repository settings and testing of repositories actions so that I can figure out this whole issue.