Weekly Blog Post #4

Published: 07/26/2022

Final Testing & Updation before Publishing

Hello everyone, fourth week with Google Summer of Code had come to an end with EOS Design Systems.

What did I do this week?

The primary goal for this week was to do the necessary code cleanups & updations before releasing the plugins. The very first task of the week was to include documentation on how a user might trigger a release when the semantic releases for both plugins were completed. I started making changes to the codebase as soon as the documentation was updated.

In the EOS Icons Figma Plugin Repository, I made a few little UI adjustments. A new manifest Id was created because the used manifest Id had expired.

Some significant modifications were made in the EOS Icons Adobe Xd Plugin repository. The manual search panel required the user to first look for the icon and then click on search to look for the icon. I added a handleOnChange and Debounce hook to automate the search panel. Additionally, I resolved the problem where the plugins would hang and stop loading icons anytime a user tried to search for All icons. This was taking place as a result of the plugin's build size, which is approximately 17.5Mb and requires more time to load. There were also a few minor UI fixes that I made as discussed with my mentor.

What is coming up next?

After the updated changes gets reviewed and merged, I will start to figure out the publishing of both the plugins in their respective marketplace. 

Did I get stuck anywhere? 

I did not get stuck anywhere at this week.