Week 10

Published: 07/31/2023

What did I do this week?

During Week 10, I worked on the symbolic ASR pass. I addressed the first three points of the tasks (as mentioned in my personal blog GSoC Week 10), which involved replacing symbolic variables with CPtr variables, introducing the basic_new_stack function, and changing the function body of main0.

What will I be doing the next week ?

In the next week, I plan to implement the functionality to handle assignment statements through the visit_Assignment function in the replace_symbolic pass. This will involve introducing the basic_const_pi function for the SymbolicPi intrinsic function.

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

I did face some challenges while working on the task, but with the help of a fellow experienced contributor, Thirumalai Shaktivel, I was able to overcome them and make good progress.