Week 11

Published: 08/07/2023

What did I do this week?

For Week 11, I focused on completing the first part of the symbolic ASR pass, which involved supporting assignment and print statements for symbolic functions and operations. This part was successfully implemented, replicating the functionalities added earlier through the C backend.

I worked on several Pull Requests before my midterm evaluations, such as #1846, #1964, #2077, and #2094. Now, the same functionalities are achieved through the symbolic pass. For a detailed overview of my work during week 11 , you can also go through my personal blogĀ GSoC Week 11

What will I be doing the next week ?

As I move into the final week of my GSoC project, I will focus on completing the work on #2255 and addressing the mentioned cases. I will ensure that all symbolic tests pass through the symbolic pass and remove any relevant changes made in the C backend, as they will no longer be needed. Excited for what's coming in the final week!

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

I did face some challenges while working on the task, but with the help of a fellow experienced contributor, Thirumalai Shaktivel, I was able to overcome them and make good progress.