Week 12

Published: 08/13/2023

What did I do this week?

During the twelfth and final week of my GSoC project, I focused on completing the remaining tasks for the symbolic ASR pass. This involved adding support for print statements without prior variable assignment, enabling chaining of operators for complex symbolic expressions, implementing assert statements using a new visit_Assert function, and ensuring the freeing of all basic variables through the basic_new_stack function. I also conducted comprehensive testing across different backends (llvm_sym, c_sym, and cpython_sym) to ensure the proper functionality of the symbolic integration tests. Additionally, I engaged in refactoring the symbolic ASR pass to minimize code duplication and enhance the overall structure. Lastly, I discussed potential future work with my mentors, addressing issues such as enabling the FAST flag for symbolic integration tests. As my GSoC journey concluded, I reflected on the challenges and accomplishments, expressing both gratitude and a sense of accomplishment for the past 12 weeks. For a detailed overview of my work during week 12 , you can also go through my personal blog GSoC Week 12

What will I be doing the next week ?

I shal be working towards framing my final GSoC report for the final evaluation.

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

I did face some challenges while working on the task, but with the help of a fellow experienced contributor, Thirumalai Shaktivel, I was able to overcome them and make good progress.