Weekly Check-in #1

Published: 06/10/2021

Hello everyone! I am Aravind, The two major projects I'll be working on this summer are as follows:
- Design and development of a new GUI for MSS, combining two windows and adapting core functionalities.
- Design and Development of a new configuration editor.

1. What did I do during the Community Bonding period?

During the community bonding period, I've been working on updating my UI designs and discussing with my mentors for feedback and suggestions. Community bonding period also gave me time to dive deep into the codebase to understand various parts of the software. I have also spent time on setting up a development environment, fixing bugs, and working with the other contributors.

2. What is coming up next?

In the upcoming weeks, the target would be to discuss with my mentors and finalise the UI design and start with the development. I’m also planning to submit weekly Pull-requests to keep my mentors posted on the updates.

3. Did I get stuck anywhere?

I haven't faced any issues so far, because of the weekly meetings with our mentors, which has been really helpful for clearing up all my doubts and getting more suggestions.