Weekly Check-in #2 - Coding Phase Starts

Published: 06/14/2021

Hello everyone!

1. What did I do this week?

Keeping in mind all the suggestions given by my mentors, I have been working on UI design. Even though the design has not been finalised, some components of the new UI have been finalised, like the “Connect to MSColab” window. Hence, I have started developing the new connect window which lets the user connect, login, and register to a MSColab server. The connect window also handles the server authentication feature, which protects the server from user-creation spam.

2. What is coming up next?

In the upcoming week, the target would be to load and display projects from the server and display appropriate options based on the access level of the user. Also, work on implementing “create view” functionality for both local and shared flight tracks.

3. Did I get stuck anywhere?

I haven't faced any issues so far.