Weekly Blog #6 (9th Aug - 16th Aug)

Published: 08/17/2020

Hi, all we have nearly reached the end. This week was mostly involved in creating and finalizing the auto-language detect feature.

Earlier we needed to put a language parameter with the input string to parse it correctly. However to have an efficient incorporation with date-parser we need to find the best language even if it is not passed. This uses a very simplistic count based approach to get the best language. All the words of the string are compared to the supported languages and the one with the maximum count is selected. It does require to check against all the languages , which might be a bottleneck in the future and thus will need to be monitored.

I didn't get stuck anywhere in particular. Since the primary goal was to create a working number-parser library was completed , we and my mentor had created a mini-plan for the last month. The goal for this week would be to create and (hopefully merge) the date-parser PR , and then we can create a similar draft PR for price-parser.