Weekly Check-In #6 (2nd Aug - 9th Aug)

Published: 08/11/2020

So we have almost reached the end of the program and it was a fun learning experience.

What did you do this week ?
We were looking to restructure some core chunks of the code to allow easier testing and future contribution. Some developments were made in this direction , identifying possible problems and all. Apart from that a basic support for ordinal numbers (for English language only) was added which will make it more useful when it is integrated with date-parser.

Did you get stuck anywhere ?
The restructuring part was quite tough because with the current logic - it's hard to restructure the code in the necessary logical flow without completely revamping everything. Hence for the time-being we will let it be in the current form.

What is coming up next ?
The plan for the next week is to incorporate number-parser with date-parser. To achieve this we need to have auto-language detection in the number-parser code. Currently you need to supply a mandatory language parameter which we will do away with.