Weekly Check-In #4 (5th Jul - 12th Jul)

Published: 07/13/2020

So we are about halfway through the project and the number-parser library is going strong. We are very close to publish version 1.0 to PyPI.

What did you do this week ?
The parser library was refactored to create a language class and use the language data python files. Tests were added for the supported language , which helped to identify a number of small bugs across the board, which were gradually fixed. 

Did you get stuck anywhere ?
One of the bugs was how to elegantly handle multiple consecutive multipliers for example 'thousand millions'. In the end I did come up with a reasonable solution that should be working across all languages but more tests would need to be added to ascertain this.

What is coming up next ?
This week the first version would be released , to do that would require a round of code-cleanup, adding documentation , and more tests for all supported languages.