Weekly Blog #4 (12th Jul - 19th Jul)

Published: 07/20/2020

Hi all , so we were hoping to get the first version out the previous week however some bugs did creep up and it was important to resolve them before moving ahead. Hence we hope to release the first version to PyPI by this week's end. The two major troublesome cases were as follows :-
  1. Adding Large constants - So we have supplementary json data files that are used to add language specific information, i.e those missing from the CLDR repository data source. This allows users to easily add language specific information. Now we can add large constants Gúgol , centillón in json supplementary file. using terms like 1e600 (thatjson supports)  however while reading them using python script and merging into the final python language file, It was creating an error this happens because the range of python float is about 1.79e+308 thus larger numbers than this get translated as infinite. We still don't have a fix for this but since it is a minor issue impacting only very large numbers we can let it be for the time being.
  2. Now one of the things not considered till now was long and short scales , The long scale is based on powers of one million (1,000,000), whereas the short scale is based on powers of one thousand (1,000). Now again this impacts the logic only for larger numbers greater than 10**9. However it hasn't been incorporated and we plan to fix this. More details here about the issues here https://github.com/arnavkapoor/number-parser/pull/24

    Despite these issues the week in general was productive , I have incorporated most of the feedback from the mentor into the PR. Also my mentor found an effective way to automate some part of testing which will help us to be more sure of the code.
    The plan for next-week is to ensure these minor issues are fixed and we release the first version.