All Done!

Published: 08/31/2020

Hello there!

Today is the final day of my GSoC Journey. I am truly grateful for all that I have learnt the past 3 months. Here's my final overview of my work in the last week.

What did you do this week?

My mentors tested out my product and found many bugs, and advised changes for better use. As a developer, using the same features everyday, you get the feeling that users will be able to use it as easily. But its always better to have a third perspective. The best perspective is that of the users, and my mentors are exactly that. I implemented the changes (2- 3 PRs) .

The changes implemented messed up some of the tests. Not All. (Finally understood what Reimar had meant when he said that all tests should be independent from each other. Thanks for the tip!)

I worked on the Documentation, gave a small demo to the mentors, and made a demo video as well! So, a very productive final week :)) 

I am very happy to say that my code has been merged into the main development branch. And I'll continue to better the software from that branch now :))

What will I do next week?

I will continue to work on my skills, apart from GSoC. 

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was reluctant with some of the changes.. simply because I am a bit attached to my work. But mentors pointed out changes logically, and  I agreed with them too . Other than this, there was no getting stuck.


You can find my Work Submission report here. You can check out my demo video right here!


I'm thankful to my mentors Jörn, Reimar and Christian who provided immense support and motivation to persevere through all my difficulties. They sympathised with my problems and gave me ideas on how to face the challenges head on. Without their guidance, I would have been lost. I would also like to thank my GSoC mate Tanish who helped me out with my small doubts from time to time :))

I'm also grateful to MSS, PSF & the GSoC Community. This program has made me more confident about my abilities, and has strengthened my belief in the fact that passion, perseverance and patience can help you achieve wonders!

Finally, to the Open Source Community : Thank you for being so welcoming. I started from scratch and three months later, its still hard for me to believe that I developed a feature of a software :)) Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and I'll personally continue forward the Open Source spirit with my future contributions.