Week 12 : All Done!

Published: 08/24/2020

Hello there! This was the final week of coding in GSoC 2020. Three months back, I had no confidence that I would be able to do the project. And here we are! 

What did you do this week?

I spent the week writing tests for KML Overlay. I wrote tests for Automated Button clicks, checking if a feature has been plotted on the map or not, the linewidth and colour of the files. It was a long arduous process, but I'm glad I was able to complete it :))

What will I do next week?

Not much, I guess :p 

I will work on the documentation and the formalities left to submit my work for Evaluation. I think thats all!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

This week was all about writing Tests. I hate writing tests. They are counter - intuitive, and almost half of the tests seem inconsequential. I do realise its importance, but I need to vent as there is so little clear documentation about Pytest, PyQt and mocking. I spent a lot of time trying to automate clicks, which should have been a much easier process. 


I am really happy with the way things turned out. From a shy, hesitant person, afraid of bombing up softwares, I have become a much more confident amateur coder who has started enjoying " not knowing everything" and learning on the go. I would like to thank my mentors Joern Ungermann, Reimar Bauer and Christian Rolf for all their guidance and encouragement. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish so much without their support. I would also like to thank my GSoC mate Tanish, who helped me out with my dumb "git" doubts :)) And thanks to the Open Source Community and GSoC for giving me this opportunity to grow!

P.S. You can find my final Documentation here.