Week 11 : Wrapping up!

Published: 08/17/2020

Hello there! We are almost there, 7 days to go! I am pretty excited and proud of the work I have been able to do, plus the things that I have learnt :))

What did you do this week?

This week, I worked on the following : 

  • Placemark Symbol - The Mentors wanted a Balloon symbol like that of Google Maps, but there were many issues ; No Unicode symbol existed for it, and if I used .png files, I would not be able to customize the colour of placemark.(Devil & Deep Sea situation)
  • Annotation Box : Improved UX by adding a box to display the name which is quite clearer now in the map
  • Made the Code more concise and readable; fixed all flake8 errors
  • Added a special Restore Function which saves the open files, and loads them the next time the software is run (Learnt a very important lesson here)
  • Added a small Documentation for KML Usage of the Test Samples

What will I do next week?

Its the final week now; I have finished all development of features, and tried out all the designs that the mentors asked , with relevant changes. This final week, I'll add as much test coverage I can to KML Overlay as I possibly can. There is some uncertainty here since I would need to mock objects to test plots on maps, so I have to figure it out.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck at the Restore Function. My logic was all correct : To add the open files in a dictionary to a destructor and save the files to disk. It had already been implemented before, so I knew the works. However, adding the dictionary to the destructor was throwing a big runtime error; about C++ objects being deleted. It was worrisome, because I had only been working with Python, and it seemed like a big error. My mentor was able to assist me in this bug, which was caused due to me being blindsided to the fact that I was trying to save "patch objects" as well in the dictionary. Those objects were being deleted when the destructor was called. So , this was an important lesson for me.