Week 2 : Complete Migration to Fastkml

Published: 06/15/2020

Hello there!

The Second week was much tougher than the first. Its becoming tougher and more interesting day by day!

What did you do this week?

In Week #1, I had added Fastkml support to kml overlay. However, not all dependencies were working. I spent the week solving all the issues making sure that all KML data was being parsed and the right info was being displayed.

KML focuses on mainly 3 things :

  • Object (Document, Folder, Placemark)
  • Style
  • Geometry

and it was very tough to get them all working in sync. I ran through numerous KML Test samples to check the code, and made changes accordingly. 

What is coming up next?

Discussions with my mentors are very fruitful! After a long talk, we decided that the most suitable step next is to add the feature of "Displaying Multiple KML files" together. This is an important feature and I'm glad that its starting early, because it will take me some time to understand , and implement.This week, Ill work on the UI and working with PyQt  for the above implementation. I also have to write tests for kmloverlay file, and make the implementation more code-elegant.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes! Currently, we use iterative and recursive functions to parse through KML files. However, Fastkml creates objects to call function for deriving specific information. This week's work involved a lot of documentation, experimentation, frustration , but due to consistent work and patience, I got the code working perfectly!

Hoping for good things for this week :)))