Week 3 : Fixing Bugs and Multiple KML File UI

Published: 06/22/2020

Hello there!

I really liked working this week! The work was a bit relaxed , less stressful. I also learnt new things, and saw my code being "pushed to its limits". Read on!

What did you do this week?

I was supposed to start working on the UI for adding Multiple KML Files. The main aim of my project is to be able to display multiple KML Files on the screen simultaneously, using which users can derive important information from the maps! 

I spent my week fixing a major bug (mentioned below). I also drew up a better UI and worked on the frontend implementation. 

What is coming up next?

After Frontend, I will be dealing with the backend. It will be tough, as I'll have to deal with PyQt, and our implementation of the code. I have also created a working branch for writing tests for kmloverlaydockwidget.py file. These will take up major chunks of my time :))

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Like I said, 'supposed to'. I had made a rough draft of the UI, and was going to improve on it, when a mentor found a bug in my code while running a KML file. I saw the error and understood the issue at once. While I was working on migration, there were few snippets of code, which did not make much sense to me. And since my implementation was working without them, it felt best to 'let it be'.

My foolhardiness was accentuated by the fact that I was testing my code on 20 odd lines of KML, not taking into account every case. I was happy that my code was working, I did not check if my code was working perfectly i.e. for all cases.  My mentor supplied me with the kml file he had used and it was over 7000 lines! I realised the implications of the software on a larger scale for the first time! I sat down, and understood each line, made more changes, and finally, my code was able to run the kml file! I was ecstatic to see the plot on the map. It was beautiful!

Thankfully, my 2 PRs have been accepted, and I am working hard to finish my next WIP pull request :))

Hoping for good things for this week :)))