Week 6 : Refining the KML UI Features

Published: 07/13/2020

Week 5 had been so smooth! I was covering up features daily. Progress was so sharp! I had around 3 to 4 features left to implement for this week. And my major part of the project would be over. And then it all went down.

'Most plans do not survive the contact with reality. Which isn't an excuse for not planning at all, but one shouldn't believe too much about projections into the future.' - Joern Ungermann , my mentor.

What did you do this week?

I started the week on a high, enthused with the smooth accomplishment of features everyday. My main task was to add a customize functionality to each KML File. Each KML File could have their own color, linewidth, and could be easily added, removed, displayed and saved. One simple task.

I could not do it.

I tried on Monday, wasnt able to do it. 'lets try tomorrow again". Tuesday, Wednesday passed. By Thursday, I was on edge; I wasn't making any headway in the feature, I hadn't updated my mentors. Thursday night, I realised what I had to do. And it literally frightened me. 

I had been using two different lists to store data. One list to run the files, another to run the patches for plotting. I realized, I had to change the data structure on which I had built the entire project.

I slept on it. Started working from Friday, day and night, replaced each and every part, transformed it all into a dictionary storing information about the file , patch , linewidth and colour. I worked all weekend on it. Sunday night, I was finally able to display individual color and linewidth for each and every KML File. I was so happy!! And the peaceful sleep that I had :))))

I could have just written " Finished adding functionality to customize UI for KML Files" , but somehow it just didnt do justice to my journey to achieve it :P

What is coming up next?

Now, I expect major features to be finished. I need to add "Merge KML File" functionality. Other than that, I need to write tests and collect KML samples to test out my features. So, I'll be working on that!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I think I pretty much discussed it above. I had to rebase my entire project's data structure, and rebuild it into a dictionary, which after quite a lot of hard work, I was successfully able to do :))

See you next week!!