XSPARSE Week - 1

Published: 06/19/2022

I'll be working on XSparse which is a sparse array library written in C++.

Last week marked the end of the community bonding period and the beginning of the coding period. I was able to get a head start during the community bonding period and opened this PR which was merged.

What I did this week

I spent the week working on the hashed level format. My mentor and I had 2 discussions this week and decided that a slight deviation from the paper is required. I could implement 3 of the required functions and one of them is left to be implemented.

What is coming up next

In the next week, the plan is to get the hashed level get merged along with the test cases and finish the level formats. Also, we'll try to work from the code generation perspective in the next week so that everything falls into place.

Did I get stuck anywhere

Yes, I did get stuck on Wednesday in a few places in the implementation. I was able to prepare a list of questions to ask my mentor and we scheduled a meeting on Wednesday itself so that my doubts were cleared.