XSPARSE Week - 2

Published: 06/30/2022

The previous week was spent writing the hashed level format, which was quite different and not so straightforward compared to other formats.

What I did this week

I spent the week completing the hashed format and itsĀ iter_helper as we decided to use a vector of unordered maps as the container. I had to implement a bidirectional iterator as well as write 4 test-cases by combining the hashed level with other levels. I opened a PR and after a few changes, it was merged yesterday.

What is coming up next

In the next week, the plan is to concentrate on the append and insert capabilities of each level format. The same has been done for the hashed format already. If it gets over quickly, we move one step towards code generation.

Did I get stuck anywhere

I did get stuck when writing a custom iterator for the unordered map but my mentor helped me by asking me to get a reference to the wrapped iterator and implement the different operators.