Weekly Check-In #3

Published: 06/22/2023

I would like to begin this blog post by extending my sincere apologies for the delay in its submission. 

What did I do this week?

Last week I worked on Github Action flow and fixing various bugs related to tests compatibility between various borg and python versions. I found various difference in borg outputs depending on versions (especially the borg diff command). I wrote conditions to accomodate those differences.

Different versions of borg had different dependencies. I therefore also modified the CI configuration file to install them before running nox.

What's coming up next?

There are still minor bugs to iron out in this task. I've already starting working on my task related to docker and plan to fix these bugs alongside it. 

For the next task, I configured a VPS with Ubuntu 22.04 to keep the development environment seperate. I'm starting by understanding the Dockerfile in more depth.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

No. I did encounter several bugs but they were easy to fix.