Weekly Check-In #4

Published: 06/26/2023

What did I do this week?

Integration Testing Task:
This week was quite intense. I was determined to complete my integration testing task. I skimmed through a lot of discussions on Borg's repository to find answers to installation issues I was encountering.

Additionally, running all tests through nox was time-consuming as tests were not concurrent. With suggestion of my mentor, I switched to using Github Action's matrix feature. It created jobs which are run concurrently upto certain limit and it dramatically reduced total time to complete all tests.

After a lot of patches and minor bug fixes, all of the tests finally passed across all the supported combinations.

Remove antiquated msmtp and ntfy images Task:

This task is the shorted one in my application. I submitted PR for this task after completing the required changes. I got to learn more about the Dockerfile and images in general.

Key learning this week:
- Github Action, matrix and composite action
- Dockerfile

What's coming up next?

I received several suggestions on my docker PR by my mentor and I plan to complete them this week. 

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Not particularly.