Week 9: Weekly Check-In (#5)

Published: 07/30/2019

1. What did you do this week?

A lot of different stuff:

- Introduced some small tests to make sure the multitaper and stockwell functions do what they should to.
- Made tfr_stockwell catch up with tfr_morlet and tfr_multitaper.
- Pushed a smaller PR that gives the user an option to return SourceEstimates data as kernelized (i.e. memory saving).
- Made tfr_multitaper and tfr_morlet take lists and generators as input, a crucial further step that allows the Inter-Trial-Coherence to be calcualted (how good this works remains to be checked, however).

2. What is coming up next?

We'll need to see how good the IRT stuff works and finish all of it. When everythings done, the core stuff of this GSoC project will be finished. This will involve pushing a quite big chuck of code, reviewing and correcting it. Then I'll make sure the same stuff works for tfr_stockwell as well. Finally I might start this week with the implementation of the last functional aspect, which is plotting the data.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes. When introducing lists into tfr functions, the perfect solution would have been to process each "epoch" or element of the list subsequently, in order to save data. After trying to implement this (and getting it to work for tfr_morlet), I found out that if this was to be done cleany and working for all functions, it would require a huge recstructuring of the tfr_functions, that might have grave consequences for other aspects, e.g. parallel computing of the functions. Therefore I had to start of with a bit of a poorer solution, where the data is simply concatenated together at the start of the function, and then treated very much like epochs data. This will increase memory usage. However, I hope that I can implement a memory saving solution at some later point.