Week 10: Blog Post (#5)

Published: 08/06/2019

Last week, I finished the main functional goal of this GSoC project, by making tfr_functions compute all the things they should compute correctly. It even was possible to allow tfr_morlet and tfr_multitaper to process lists and generator objects subsequently, which is quite important in order to save memory. However, while doing so, I realized that this will basically scrap all the support I introduced for supporting kernelized data (the other memory saving trick I used, where memory is stored in two small arrays, which can be combined by taking the dot product). So this will be a point to work on again, however, this will probably more look like some dirty fix, as I really don't see any elegant solution to this at the moment.
Another thing I can finally start to work on now will be plotting. To be honest, I'm kind of excited to work on graphical/ user interface stuff, since I often experienced that the implementation of these things is quite fun (i.e. if they work, they work ;) ). But we'll see how that turns out. The other thing to do will be to write some nice tutorial, showing off the newly gained functionality (which I think will also be fun).
So, it's time to start the final sprint of the project, and I think I'm prepared for it. Stay tuned!