Week 10

Published: 08/10/2023

What Did I do this week

I had my birthday on Monday! Which is why I missed writing my blog that day, and then I just forgot about the reminders after that, my bad. Anyway, I got the "Edit archive inline..." PR approved by Manu and feel like it's ready to merge!

"The Exclude GUI..." PR was also reviewed by yf-projects, and I've worked on half the stuff that he mentioned. I should be done with it next week. This week could be a little hectic since I'm moving back to college and will have to set things up there.

Did I get stuck somewhere


What's next

I just need to get the "Exclude GUI..." PR merged after working on the changes that yf-projects mentioned. Other than that, the "Quick Mount.." PR is also left but that's 80% complete already, so I'll focus on the "Exclude GUI..." PR more for now.