Week 9

Published: 08/01/2023

What Did I do this week

I got the Borgmatic docs PR merged. I also worked on an improvement for one of my borgmatic features that makes it optional. 

Did I get stuck somewhere

Debugging the "inline archive renaming" PR was difficult, but I did it!

What's next

Here's what's left:

  1. Exclude GUI PR - Need a review, then I'll update the PR, so it depends on the number of back and forths, but should be done in August

  2. Vorta Edit archive inline - Almost Done, One bug came up in the last review, I'll fix it this week.

  3. Quick Mount - This PR was 80% done before the coding period started, yf-projects has left a review on it too, I'll get it merged in the end (last week) since I've forgotten what I was doing and starting from scratch would be easier.