Week 6

Published: 07/11/2023

What Did I do this week

I'm halfway done with my Summer of Code! I got another PR merged last week and with that only 2 more remain for the first Vorta task "improve the archive tab...". I'll get one of those merged this week, yf-projects has reviewed that PR and I will submit the changes soon. For the exclude GUI PR, I got Julian's approval and once I get one more review, I'll move forward with passing exclusions to Borg.

Did I get stuck somewhere


What's next

This week I'll make documentation PRs for both my Borgmatic features and will try to get them merged too. Other than that, I will work on yf-project's reviews and might get my second last task merged too for the "improve archive table actions..." project. I'll resume work on the "Exclude GUI.." project next week.