Week 7

Published: 07/18/2023

What Did I do this week

I got the documentation PR reviewed by witten, and there are just a few changes that I'll have to make. Other than that, I worked on yf-project's reviews for my second last task of the "Improve Archive table.. project". I also got the "Exclude GUI..." code reviewed by Vorta mentors. Basically, I was able to do everything I set out to do this week.

Did I get stuck somewhere


What's next

This week I'll get the documentation PR merged, and also the PR that I made changes to after yf-project's review. I'll also work on the changes that yf-projects and other Vorta mentors recommended for the Exclude GUI PR. I'll try to complete the base for "Exclude GUI..." by sending all exclusions to Borg and testing them by the end of July, or the first week of August.