Weekly Blog Post 1

Published: 06/05/2022

You might be wondering that the coding period has not even started but a blog post is published. Actually, me and my mentor, Botanic (Matthew Lagoe) decided to start it before the official coding period.

What did I do this week?

I started my contribution on 31st May. On that day, I worked on the issue: https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/453
I had already worked on that issue and made the function give proper admin roles. So, I started working on the other part of the code where I had to implement the RegLink sending procedure if the user is not registered on the system yet. After implementing that, I eliminated multiple entries on the suborg table when the application was accepted. Later I introduced exception handling for better organization of the code.

Another issue that I covered this week is https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/385. I added a new admin panel to see those users who haven't yet accepted the invite. There arose the issue of getting duplicate users, so I had to eliminate duplicates from the reglink.

To eliminate RegLink duplication, I started working on implementing boundaries on every reglink creation to check for duplicate and eliminate it. Later, I removed those codes from each object creation call and implemented the duplication handling code directly onto the RegLink model by overriding the default save method. I also migrated to MySql form SQLite since the site was using MySql. PR: https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/pull/464

Another issue I covered is https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/437. I removed the button that was leading to the issue.

Another issue I covered is https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/367. I updated the filters and displayed them on the admin panel.

Another issue I covered is https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/366 . I implemented a function to export mentors for the current GSoC year in a .csv file.

Another issue I covered is https://github.com/python-gsoc/python-blogs/issues/433 . I updated the application list view to fetch applications with user instead of email.

Other issues I am covering: #456 #461

What I am planning for next week?

Next week I will be solving more issues.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Whenever I encountered any issues, I contacted botanic. He provided me with a pretty good explanation of the problems.

Contribution chart

You can find my full time sheet here: https://bit.ly/gsoc-time