Weekly Blog Post 2

Published: 06/12/2022

What did I do this week?

This week I worked on several issues.
I restricted creation of blank user profiles. I implemented invitation acceptance feature so that user are associated with any suborg only after they accept the invitation.
I created a method to handle CSRF failure. I updated the mentors email export feature.
I implemented feature to send emails to admin on a new mentor or suborg admins acceptance. I implemented constraint to remove builders when removing timelines.

I added feature to update builders date on updating timeline date. I also added restriction on adding GSoC year until the end of GSoC.

I restricted to profiles without suborg to appear on admin-gsoc-invites page. I also updated suborg application list to fetch by user instead of their email.

What I am planning for next week?

Next week I will be solving more issues.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Whenever I encountered any issues, I contacted botanic. He provided me with a pretty good explanation of the problems.

Contribution chart


You can find my full time sheet here: https://bit.ly/gsoc-time