Week 6-7 check-in: Submit draft PR for hub.auto 🚀

Published: 07/23/2021

Let's take a look into what I've been doing for the past week!

What did I do this week?

Following up on last week's blog, I have been working consistently to write good test cases for hub.auto and I am glad to share that I finished up writing the tests this week (yesterday to be more precise). My mentor, Dyllan asked me to create another create another branch feature/2.0/hub-auto2 as the branch from last week has serious merge conflicts that couldn't be resolved.
Additionally, I wrote tests for increasing the coverage of the code using pytest.raises() and I made hub.auto more robust by handling few important edge cases.

What will I do next week?

I plan to fix anything that comes up as an issue and try to get the branch merged into main asap! That's the main goal.
Apart form that I will be volunteering to upload more datasets to Hub 2.0's cloud!

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I found myself stuck at few bugs after creating a draft PR. One issue was the tensor_names and label_names needed to replace every occurrence of ('\\') to ('/') using a string.replace() function as the circle tests failed on Windows. However, setting fixtures for Kaggle and Ingestion tests is where i spent most of the time understanding foreign code and then later integrated them with my tests.
All in all this week was exciting and a lot of fun! 🐳