Week 1: Starting the migration!

Published: 06/04/2019

Hello all, I am Anveshan and have completed my first week of coding period, learning variety of things about Cartopy package which is used for plotting tasks as matplotlib's basemap is 

What did you do this week?

I changed functions in ```utils.py```, that made use of basemap's pyproj class for the following two tasks using cartopy package:

  • To get distance between two points
  • To compute intermediate points between two coordinates on basis of connection type (circular or linear)

What is coming up next?

I will assess and start making changes ```mpl_hsec.py``` which is a constituent of server side code and makes of basemap heavily for the horizontal plotting operations, and is also used by ```mpl_hsec_styles.py``` as a superclass.  

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes I had a difficulties in making the function ```ntps``` from basemap in cartopy but I got through it with help of stackoverflow and cartopy's documentation.