Week 2: Basic plot into the server

Published: 06/10/2019

What did I do this week?

This week I worked on to getting a basic plot as output as a result of changing from basemap to cartopy.

As suggested by my mentor I basically removed all the features that were there with basemap and just tried to get a plain map working, from here I will try to rebuild those specifics in cartopy.

Further I wrote one small test for the a function I added which basically emulated a similar function in pyproj.

What is coming up next?

Building on the previous work I would emulate the features previously available in basemap with also taking advantage of cartopy's other features to make the task easier and code shorter than it would have been with basemapĀ and have a result plot plotted through the WMS successfully.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes I got stuck a few number of places some of which my mentor helped me got through, one where I had to strip the code of a function to bare minimum for it to be function but I got through with a little bit of time.