Published: 06/01/2023

Hello there, My name is Hanslett. This is my first blog post on the GSOC weekly timeline. It's my first post, so it won't be that fun but I promise it will get interesting overtime!

I have the honor to contribute to the PyAr|PyAfipWs organization

Let me share with you how my week went!

What did I do this week?

Well where do I start? Ok, I started out with working on an issue one of my org mentors suggested! This particular issue required me to run a bunch and try to patch a certain pull request to the unit test as some of the test cases where failing. I started running the tests, and for some reason, they kept failing. And thanks to the assistance of my mentors, I was able to get it up and running and start working on solving the broken tests.

What Is Coming up next?

I'll be working in the next few weeks on the github actions for automatically launching the build processes. My aim is to fully understand how github actions works and to be able to build the required installers for the next release of the project.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Well, what is programming without any mistakes!!!!. I made a bunch of them and my mentors helped me out in resolving the issues. Just to summarize the issues, I had an issue with running the unit tests, Understanding some of the functionality since the code base is written in another language other than my native(English). But It's so much fun!!!


That's all for this week y'all. hopefully, you'll follow me through for next week because I'm sure, I'll have a very interesting story to tell you about github actions! Until then, have a great day fam!!!!1