Published: 06/07/2023

It's me again lol! Another week has gone by and it's time to share my story again with y'all. Sorry I'm a bit late on schedule. This week was kind off a bad one for me but some good things did happen. Let me give you a recap!!!

What did I do this week?

This week, I had to continue working on an issue to fix existing unit tests that were broken due to a pull request. The code base I'm working with has backward compatibility with python 2.7 and it has some legacy modules to support some old devices. So this is not a simple tweak option where one can just remove a piece of code anyhow. Now I had to run the pytest module so it tests the whole application before I proceed making those changes

An unexpected issue occurred this week

I usually use windows to code and ubuntu when needed. I was running the tests on windows and they kept failing completely. So I decided to switch to ubuntu and voila, everything started working fine. Later on, I wanted to make a change to the above issue I was working with, and suddenly after making the changes and trying to run the tests, they kept failing. Now on ubuntu, I faced the same issue on windows. I spoke with my mentors and they did their best to help out. Eventually, I switched back to windows and with the help of one of the administrators, I was able to get everything working thanks to the help of one of my mentors. But clearly it seems the PR caused some weird bugs


What is coming next?

I'm currently trying to complete solving the issue one of the mentors gave me. Along side that, I have to start working and analyzing a Github actions script and to be able to provide a more improved action. I've never used github actions before, So I'm studying and reading from a book and applying it


I hope to see you reading again on monday, but until then, Ciaosmiley