Published: 06/14/2023

It's week three, and things are not looking too good on my side. I have not yet been able to have even one PR merged. This is very worrying as it could affect my evaluation period. Here is a brief explanation of how my week 3 went

What did I do this week?

This week continues from where I left off, and that was working on upgrading the cryptography module of the web services of PyAfipWs. But unfortunately, One of the build processes kept failing on python2.7. This was particularly annoying as I was looking forward to finally merging my first PR!

A hurdle keeps appearing after every success

I was this close to merging the pull request. But one of the builds kept failing on python2.7. Worst case is I was reminded by my mentors again for the third week to write my blog post. Which is quite bad and I have to rectify. But back to the main discussion. They are 5 checks before a PR is merged to the main branch. I passed 4 and failed 1 which is to test the build on python2.7. Worst case is the test just fails unexpectedly without any proper error message even after adding debug flags when testing

What is coming next?

The GSOC evaluation period is fast approaching. And without a PR merged, I think I must complete at least 2 PR's this week. Secondly I need to start working on the next implementation for our Github actions auto release deploy. I hope the next time I'm writing an Article, It should be full of Good news!

Until next week, Have a great day