Published: 06/26/2023

Oh well, It's your boy Hanslett again with another GSOC blog post. This week was full of ups and downs but I would say it was a good week. Here is a small recap of what I'll be sharing today


1. Server failure and deprecation of python 2.7

In python Argentina's official repository, there is a python 2.7 test that runs in our Github actions that is required to test some web services running on python 2.7. Unfortunately, Github officially deprecated the support for python 2,7. And this has pushed the owners of the projects to reconsider supporting python 2.7. While the builds for python 2.7 was failing, another crucial web server failed. The web server in charge to host the digital certificates. It also contained the certificates used for testing the overall functionality. With the failure from this web server, it means the overall testing functionality for the whole project failed. And this slowed down the overall progress of some of the PR's I was working on


2. Creating new PR's

Yes, you read that right! Creating a new PR was an issue. Week 3, I mentioned I was working on a draft PR that solved about 2 issues. But my mentors insisted I separate my new PR's into their separate PR so It can easily be tracked. This wasn't easy as I had already squashed most of the commits. And I was advised to use max 3 commits per PR to make things look cleaner. This particular step helped me appreciate what it means to actually make a good PR. Good PR's are not about the number of commits, it's rather about how organized and simple the commits are. Making a minor change like fixing an indentation is a commit which has no significant improvement to the overall structure. This is a lesson I learned from one of my mentors!

There's much to say about this week, but I might Cap a lot and spoil the fun for next week. So just chill and wait for me next week for more details!!! Until then, See ya