Published: 07/07/2023

Hello there, It's week 6, And unfortunately, I really do not have too much to say because I'm not feeling too well. I was diagnosed with malaria and I'm still undergoing treatment. But all I can indicate currently now is that I'm recovering and I had a pull request merged.

What did I do this week?

Due to my poor health this week, I wasn't able to proceed normally as I would. But gratefully I'm recovering. The only thing I am sure of that boosted me was having my pull requests merged this week. By next week, I'll be fine by God's grace so that I can proceed with my proposal workflow


What I plan doing next week?

I thank all of my mentors who have patiently been helping me to make the necessary changes. And I've learned a lot from them. They already suggested this week I should split a certain function and then write unit tests. That is my job next week before the evaluation period begins. Until then, ciao