Week 1 Check-In

Published: 06/01/2019

Hello again!

For this first week, my goal was to implement Parabola into Box detection. I started off by writing some test cases that attempted to collide the CollisionParabola into CollisionBox. Of course, since no detection exists yet, the tests initially failed, but writing them put me in the direction to brainstorm about possible solutions. I decided to implement a simple algorithm: iterate through the 6 faces of the box, test their intersection with the parabola, and find the earliest point of intersection. If an intersection is found, it will return the surface point and surface normal. After passing all test cases, I opened a pull request to the main repository for review and discussion. My first week went well, with no significant obstacles.

For the remainder of the week, I will think about ways to improve my Parabola into Box algorithm. Additionally, I will start looking into the CollisionInvSphere to prepare for next week's goal: Parabola into Inverse Sphere. I anticipate that this will be more challenging and I can't wait to take it on. Stay tuned for next week's update!