Week 2 Check-In

Published: 06/09/2019

This second week has been quite busy. Last week, I proposed a simple algorithm for Parabola into Box: iterate through the six planes of the Box and test for intersection with the parabola. Turns out, this algorithm was a bit too simple. After discussion with my mentors, I realized that the intersection point has to be behind all other planes of the box for a collision to exist. I spent a good part of Week 2 fixing my algorithm. One obstacle I came across was that at the corner of the box, it did not seem to pass my collision test. After talking to my mentors, I realized that it was only a matter of perspective. By using a different lens I confirmed that it was working correctly. After updating my pull request the algorithm is now merged!

For the second half of Week 2, I worked on Parabola into Inverse Sphere. As usual, I started off by writing some unit tests. This time, I made a test program (based off of my mentor's) to visualize the parabola and inverse sphere. I implemented the following algorithm: recursively subdivide the parabola into "close-enough" line segments, and test their intersection with the sphere. After passing all tests and appearing to be correct using the visualizer, I submitted a pull request for discussion and review.

Next week, I am scheduled to work on Box into Capsule detection. However, I will discuss with my mentors if it would be better to start working on the Heightfield class. I am excited for whatever comes next!