5th Blog Post

Published: 08/09/2019

Hi, this is my fifth blog post. During second phase I mostly written test for the source code. As you know that writing workable code is not sufficient for a project. Your code must be efficient, readable and have some code quality. In third phase I have to work on it improving the code quality which I have written for MVP and documentation regarding that. I have written the documentation for the added feature and it is quiet interesting because If you see the documentation it is very similar to Gatsby docs style. After writing documentation I started refactoring the code regarding the update, modified and delete event code. During this time I almost done with the refactoring and started solving the backlog medium issue. It is very interesting 10 days because I have to do so much googling about the code quality, how to write efficient code and how I can flatten the code by splitting large functions into smaller function. I stuck at various point during the period but as all source code is covered in test I suddenly found out where I am making the error. At this point I feel why should we have better test coverage of source code. I have almost 9 days more in this phase and then a great journey comes to end of my life. But in 9 days I have to clear some small backlog issue like replacing custom logging system with reporter API which is provided by gatsby and place each file into separate folder.

That's it for today post. Thanks!!!!!:)