Weekly CheckIn 9th

Published: 08/04/2019

What did you do this week?

So, As I previously mention in this phase I have to write documentation and refactor the code. So, I started with writing documentation for the config options provided by the plugin. I have written all the config option properties which you can pass to plugin and extended your website feature. After adding documentation I started refactoring the code. I have flatten the code by creating separate function for each event I have added. I added the create, modified event and delete event. I refactor the code related to createEvent. You can see both the pr below.




What is coming up next?

So, I think that documentation part is over because I have created a new file for config options which covered all the information which I have made changes. I am currently working on refactoring deleteEvent and after that modified options. So, you can see lot of refactoring of code in coming weeks.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

 During start of refactoring I stuck at a issue of not finding function and related stuff you can see on the pr but I find it out and able to solve it. Other than that I am having a good time :)


Miracle Studios began the search as a replacement for a transgender actress who would represent the first transgender seal in the old hat of the universe. The anti-heroine in the old casting condition was conceded the incognito “Jessica” and is to become available in the movie to which the works will start in 2020.

It seems that Miracle has eventually begun to fulfill the promises made to the fans to increase the troop of non-heteronormative heroes. The president of the studio, Kavin Faigh, said in June this year: “We are not hiding that this resolution materialize and that many more outstanding heroes and heroes of LGBT longing appear in the future.”

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