Introductory Post

Published: 05/24/2019

Hello everyone!

I am Alok Kumar(iFlameing) 2nd-year undergraduate as a Computer Science Major from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University(Katra, India). Thank you for selecting me as a GSOC student and for giving me the opportunity to work with @datakurre and with the Plone community. My skill sets Include Javascript, Html, CSS, Python. I am pretty proficient in react, node, and Gatsby which are the required skills for the project. My project idea is GatsbyJs Preview for Plone. we are managing the project using Github project board for technical part and for communication we are using Gitter channel

Currently, gatsby-source-plone plugin is unable to update, update, delete and create node after fetching data from Plone site unless GatsbyJs development server is manually restarted or GatsbyJs site is rebuilt. This project plan is to enhance existing project "gatsby-source-plone" with features that allow "gatsby develop" development server to provide up-to-date instant live previews of pages that contain data from a Plone CMS source. You can read more about the project and How I plan to achieve the project goal by going to this link4.

I applied to the GSOC program because It provides me a community where I can work with different people and hone my development skills. I can interact with amazing people who are working in the software development field for many years. Building something which is used by many of us and getting in the world of open source, stipend, and the t-shirt :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to utilize this community to get advice and tips from other participants, to be inspired by other peoples projects and ideas and to become better at D.I.Y solutions. I will be happy to hear about any topic related to my communication or technical skills where I can improve myself from the community.

Alok Kumar