First Week

Published: 06/04/2019


What did I do this week?

During my first week of coding period, I implemented a webpsocket to talking with gatsby-source-plone and update the development In this week I established a websocket server and connected the websocket server to the gatsby-source-plone. I learned very much in this process, I learned how to create websocket and implement basic websocket api.

I also created a basis chat app while learning the

you can find the pr details below.


What Coming Next?

In following week I am going to implement the add node to the gatsby-source-plone

Read the api provided by gatsby-source-filesystem.

How gatsby-source-filesystem work behind the scene.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Not particularly, this week generally have to work with socket implementation. I have to figure out how api works with express other than that, I have a great time working on project.

Thanks for reading till the end!