Third Week

Published: 06/16/2019

What did you do this week?

In this week I started from where I left i.e adding create node for the added field in Plone CMS. After some minor changes and with the discussion with mentor the pr got merged and My first milestone which is first in three is completed. This is just POC of the milestone which is modified for the long term after I achieved all the milestone as mentioned in the proposal. After achieving the first milestone I started with second one i.e adding node for the modified field in Plone CMS. I created a initial pr regarding this milestone in this week which is under process. This pr generally contains a feature i.e when user make any changes in Plone backend the gatsby automatically knows that and create node for the updated field and user sees these changes without rebuild. This is handy feature when you are developing continuously and want to see the object how it looks in real world.

What is coming up next?

The above pr is related to second milestone and it need some modification before it merge into master. So my first priority is to merge this pr in coming week. Along with thisĀ 

  • Read Node Api of gatsby
  • Read codebase of gatsby-source-filesystem how they implemented the delete feature with filesyste

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck during the implementation of updating node related to folder section. In which if we change the parent node we also have to modified the all the children associated with it. I stuck for around a day solving this problem and finally I solve with some change in approach as I am doing in subsequent changes.