Second Week

Published: 06/09/2019

What did you do this week?

In this week, I mostly spent my time reading the api of gatsby-source-filesystem and its implementation. Since  I also have to support the preview feature as gatsby-source-filesystem does, So most of concept I could learned from it. It also one of the requirements of my project. But making the api as gatsby-source-filesystem is not trivial one because gatsby-source-fileystem is based on file change and it works on watch event of file change. Where as Plone is a headless cms. To implement its feature we integrated the plone with the websocket and it is upcoming feature of Plone which is relaeased in version 5.3 but my mentor provided the docker image before its release, for this I am very thankful to my mentor @datakurre. My project consist of three milestones and I started with the first one adding preview for the added fields. You can see my pull request at


What is coming up next?

The Pr related to first milestone needed modification. It is just a initial commit regarding the first feature.

  • Some small issue will be still to resolved.
  • Refactoring the code and utilise the previous code.
  • Figuring out how to create breadcrumbs node and navigation node 


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Reading codebase written by others is not trivial one. Reading the api of gatsby-source-filesystem initially was a big headache but when I started reading this it became very simple. After understanding some api I am able to create the initial commit regarding the first milestone. Other than this I have a great time working on the project :)