Week 5 After First Evaluation

Published: 07/01/2019

Hooray! I passed the first evaluation and now focused on 2nd evaluation.

What did you do this week?

I have completed all my milestone which is listed in timeline. I implemented the add, update and delete functionality in gatsby-source-plone but this is just MVP. I need to do some refactoring, writing test and adding documentation for the added feature. Also I have to improve the code quality but I think I have enough time for this. So, during the evaluation period I figured out some small issue and made pr for i.e Adding node based on permission provided by PloneCMS. And also made initial commit regarding scheduling Plone collection.

What is coming up next?

Currently I am working on Scheduling Plone collection i.e We have to update the PloneCollection node after some time of websocket event. So, In upcoming week I will try to implement this feature and MVP of gatsby-source-plone is complete.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

During this week I have to change the concept of adding modified node because Permission changes also fired modified event other than that I didn't stuck anywhere.