1st Blog Post

Published: 07/06/2019

Sorry, For my late blog post But I am going to explain all the thing which I done before 10th June 2019. So, As coding period start I started with reading the gatsby-source-filesystem code base because I have to implement same feature provided by gatsby-source-filesystem. Reading code written by others is big challenge but as I am doing open source for past 6 months I daily read code which is written by other. And reading code is a way better than writing code without knowing properly about the things which you want to implement. You will learn best practice which is famous in community learn new things on daily basis. So, I started reading the update part of gatsby-source-filesystem and the code base of gatsby-source-plone for implementing the update the function when something changes in Plone CMS.

I started implementing the update nodes when something changes in Plone CMS but I don't the generator function of javascript clearly, and it is frequently used in code base of gatsby-source-plone. so, I started reading about the generator function of javascript on MDN but I didn't stop here I created My own function and implement the update functionality. My mentor Asko Soukka helped me in understanding the project and codebase of gatsby-source-plone i.e what is flow of code base.

During the implementation I read many library like socket.io, expresss. Created a dummy server using express framework because Plone doesn't have websocket support during the first week of coding period. But my mentor provide the websocket support in Plone withing one week and we replaces the dummy server after that. During these days I have to read lot's of things and implement but I am happy with myself about what I am doing :)

Thanks for reading if you find anything interesting and you want to know more please! comment and happy to hear your feedback :)