Weekly CheckIN 8th

Published: 07/28/2019

What did you do this week?

Hoorya!! I passed the second evaluation. In the evaluation week I mainly completed the only test which is left before the second evaluation i.e Adding test for the ploneGenerator method which generate all the Gatsby Node initially.  It is the most important generator function. I never tested the generator function in my life. I searched what is the best way to test the generator function and I found some response and successfully Send a pr for that. After that there is simple bug i.e Foreach array method randomly calling the api but we need syncrounus behaviour. After devoting one day and lot of thinking I found that only replacing the foreach method with for loop does the trick. Then I successfully created the pr for that also. You can see the pr link below.




What is coming up next?

Upto this time I have successfully implemented the MVP for my project. Written test for all the function which is present in the source code. Now, I only have to refactor the code and write documentation for the added feature. So, You can think that this period mainly deal with refactoring and documenting.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Really for first time in this project I suffer with simple issue which is converting the foreach method to for loop. It was not easy to find what's going wrong with foreach. Why it doesn't behaviour synchronously. But after lot of thinking and experiment I am able to attend the behaviour i.e synchronous.