weekly CheckIn 7th

Published: 07/21/2019

What did you do this week?

I have completed MVP in starting week of 2nd Phase, I moved on writing test for the added feature. I have to read lot's of documentation of jest and Plone CMS API for writing test and setting mock up data. I have written test for may function which is used for creating Gatsby Node from fetching data from Plone CMS. I also remove some redundant code which is not used more in gatsby-node.js file. You can see my pull request by visiting below link.






What is coming up next?

One or more test Which is left in the code base. After that every line is tested and all code is cover with test.  The test for breadcrumbs node is left and is completed in next one or two days :)

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Writing test for async code and setting the mock behaviour of fetching data is a tedious task. I have to manipulate some function to pass the test. It is most intense task which I have done in my gsoc period. But after reading the documentation of jest and some googling I am able to write the test. Other than this I am having a great time :)

If you find anything interesting please comment. I love to hear some feedback !!! :)